4 buying mistakes (I won't let you make)

4 Buyer Mistakes I Won't Let You Make

There’s a difference between working with a realtor who has your best interests in mind, and a realtor who is only looking to make a sale. The fact of the matter is, there are many buyer mistakes that can occur along the way—but as your realtor I will use my tenure and extensive knowledge of the real estate industry to guide you to making decisions that are in your best interest. Below are 4 buyer mistakes that I won’t let you make.

Mistake #1 Forgetting To Ask The Right Questions

The primary goal for most prospective homeowners is to stop throwing away their hard-earned money paying rent to someone else each and every month, and instead to invest their money in a home that is all their own. While this is a logical goal, it sometimes blinds clients from some of the pertinent questions that they need to ask themselves before buying a home. Questions such as:

·      Is this the area you want to live in long-term?

·      Where do you see yourself personally and professionally in 5 years? In 10 years?

·      How close do you need to be from work, school, and places you frequent on a weekly and monthly basis?

Mistake #2 Attention To Details

Signing on the dotted line is an exciting accomplishment. However, the excitement to close the deal sometimes leaves prospective homeowners ignoring details such as the line items on the disclosures, inspections, and the vast array of loan documents. As your relator we will set up the time to talk through the details so you do not commit to a home, or to an offer that does not meet your needs.

Mistake #3 Financial Pitfalls

When house hunting, it is essential to take into consideration any items that will change your financial standing. This includes accepting a new job, buying a new car, an increase in credit card or other debts, and even paying utility bills late. While these may seem like everyday items, making changes to these items while house hunting can have a drastic change on your eligibility for a loan. Not to mention that they can take a long time to bounce back from.

Mistake #4 Procrastination

While rushing into a decision is not the way to go when house hunting, procrastinating can equally be of concern. This could be anything from dragging your feet when filling out required documents, or waiting so long to make an offer that someone else buys the home.

As your realtor I will do more than help you find the home of your dreams, I will advocate for you and coach you through the buying process to make sure that you avoid the 4 buyer mistakes above!